Wireless / Wired RP2040 FelixKeeb Split Keyboard

FelixKeeb Jul 27, 2023

The FelixKeeb is an open source 5×12+4 (5×6+2 on each side) split ortholinear keyboard with hotswap sockets support. It is based on Cipulot’s Helix HS hoc and MakotoKurauchi's Helix keyboard.

Repo: https://github.com/beekeeb/FelixKeeb

Wireless with nice!nano and nice!view displays

Wired with RP2040 controllers and USB-C connectors


To add a touch of seasonal flair, I experimented with a pink bottom case - the color of the moment this summer. 😂

Pre-soldered Felix Wireless / Wired version is available in beekeeb.