White on White Cantor Keyboard

Cantor Jan 30, 2023

The custom build Cantor keyboard:

  • Key Switches: Kailh Choc White (Clicky)
  • Keycaps: CFX Blank White
  • 3D Printed Cantor Keyboard Case in White
  • USB-C to USB-C Data Cable in White
Buy Pre-soldered Cantor Keyboard - beekeeb
Cantor is a low-cost low-profile 42-key keyboard designed by diepala. For a hotswappable keyboard with Cantor layout, the new keyboard - Piantor is recommended.

The 1.5m data cable for the keyboard is available in:

Buy USB-A or USB-C to USB-C data cable for split keyboard (1.5m) - beekeeb
Length: around 1.5m (4.9ft) Supports charging and data transfer