The All White Wireless Dao Choc BLE Split Keyboard

Dao Choc BLE Keyboard Feb 27, 2023

Dao Choc BLE is a low-profile wireless split keyboard, that supports using a big battery (long battery life), designed by Rafael Yumagulov.

Buy Pre-soldered Wireless Dao Choc BLE Keyboard Low Profile Hotswap Split Keyboard (42 Keys Variant) - beekeeb
Dao Choc BLE is a long battery life, low-profile wireless split keyboard designed by Rafael Yumagulov. Battery Guide: This is the 42 keys variant.


  • Hotswapabble key switches (Kailh Choc v1)
  • Thumb cluster layout inspired by Corne keyboard
  • Designed for wireless usage with Power Switch and JST Sockets
  • Wireless based on MINEW MS88SF2 BLE module
  • Long battery life
  • ZMK firmware
  • Low profile
  • Choc Spacing (18mm x 17mm) – compatible with keycaps like MCC, MBK, CFX and Chicago Stenographer from Asymplex.

In this custom build, it uses:

  • CFX choc low profile keycap (1u and 1.5u)
  • Light Blue linear choc keycaps
  • 3D printed keyboard case with controller cover