Avalanche v4 60% Keyboard Pre-soldered Build

Avalanche Sep 1, 2022

Avalanche v4 (v4.2) split keyboard designed by /u/vitvlkv.

The Avalanche keyboard is an ergonomic split keyboard with 4×6 (or 3×6 if you break off the ‘digits’ row) column staggered keys, 5 thumb keys, 1 additional key for the pinky (break off-able too) and 2 additional keys for the index finger (64 keys total). It supports QMK firmware.

Pre-soldered Keyboard: Avalanche v4

Aluminium Rotary Knob: silver

Angled  TRRS 3.5mm 4 Pole Coiled Cable: XS

The photos are taken by a customer, shared with permissions.