3W6HS Split Keyboard

3w6 Nov 2, 2023

Some amazing photos of 3W6HS taken by our customer 💛

Some info about the 3W6HS keyboard:

Buy Pre-soldered 3W6HS (Hotswappable 3W6) RP2040 36 keys Low Profile Choc Wired Split Keyboard - beekeeb
A modified version of 3W6 (based on the design by weteor) low profile split ortholinear keyboard with 36 keys onboard RP2040 controller with 16MB flash memory Kailh Choc v1 Hotswap Sockets ESD protection VIAL firmware

The 3W6HS is based on the 3w6 keyboard designed by weteor. It retains the compact 36-key layout, making it great for taking the keyboard on the go.

The modified parts

  • Added Kailh Choc v1 Hotswap Sockets for easy customization
  • Changed the onboard MCU to RP2040 with 16MB flash memory, providing more space for configurations
  • Added ESD protections
  • Supports VIAL firmware

Product Page: https://shop.beekeeb.com/product/pre-soldered-3w6-keyboard/